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I'm an Aussie who has just returned from living in Japan for my second stint. The first time just wasn't enough! In the land of geisha I soaked up as much of the culture and inspiration from the papers and textiles as I could in my few short years in that gorgeous country before I came back to Australia to share my creations and in time to have my little baby girl.

I live to create. I started out my professional life as a photographer after completing my Bachelor of Visual Arts where I was lucky enough to study a number of mediums.

After returning from my first three years in Japan I started a new business, ki creations that creates greeting cards using the Japanese techniques I had learnt and the stunning Japanese yuzen washi.

I fell in love with Japanese Kimono and Obi fabrics when I first came to Japan. I love their design, the colours and the symbolism of the motifs used. I would watch in awe women in the streets when they were dressed in the traditional wear. To me, it's like seeing a fine piece of artwork moving through the everyday scene.

Sadly, my curvy body shape doesn't match well with straight lines of the Kimono. Still I greedily wanted a share of these lush textiles. That was how Kimono Reincarnate was born.

I seek out these gorgeous textiles and turn them into items that can be more easily used everyday. I give new life to the fabrics in my own work, in bags, and in clothes. Even my wedding dress used an old "Uchikake" - Japanese wedding kimono at the front.

Realizing how blessed I am to have access to these fabric and papers I love to sell them around the world for other people to breathe new life into them too. I just love hearing what people are doing with their buys, be it a gift for a niece or a feature in a quilt.

blog : http://kimonoreincarnate.blogspot.com

etsy : http://www.etsy.com/shop/kimonoreincarnate



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