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I am blessed to have a wonderful collection of childhood memories. My mother and grandmother had the ability to make the ordinary magical. I can recall many picnics in the back yard with home made cookies and cakes, searching for fairies in my grandmother's garden, flying home made kites and bush walks accompanied by an array of mystical stories. All of these memories are made even more special as they also had a collection of aunt's or uncle's and many cousins present.

It wasn't until I had my two children, Rod and Lil, that I realised how much times have changed. I have decided not to work while my children are young so I thought I would have the time to make their memories magical and create the simplicity and peace I hoped they would have in their lives. However nothing was simple! All aspects of pregnancy and childhood had instruction manuals. Books and books instructing how everything should be done. From what and when they should eat, sleep and poo. Play is bombarded with correct times and amounts of auditory or visual stimulation recommendations. Clothes are bulky, mature and impossible to put on.

I wanted Simple, Practical and Magical

Rod n Lil is just that. A collection of handmade treasures made from memories from my childhood. All our clothes are simple and practical to wear and wash. The styles most will remember have been worn and loved by many generations. We have added a little magic in our choice of fabric, colours and decorative touches. Our collection of toys is many and varied. We love toys that encourage imagination and don't need instruction manuals to own and love. We stock many other treasures too and look forward to meeting you when you check them out.

web: www.rodnlil.etsy.com




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